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Associazione Culturale Gli Scarti


Associazione Gli Scarti is a cultural association and a contemporary theatre production and company, based in La Spezia and founded in December 2016, that fosters and carries on different activities in the teatrical field, such as:

  • artistic direction and management of theatres;
  • production of contemporary theatre shows and performances, touring in the national contemporary theatre network of festival and theatres
  • organization of festivals and events;
  • management of cultural projects in La Spezia’s territory and nearby, involving particular categories: people with different abilities, detained people, teenagers, neet (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and drop outs, elderly people, kids,…
  • theatre courses and workshops for non professionals and professionals
  • technical service for setting up in festivals, shows, events, conventions,… (providing professional equipments and professional staff)

At the moment the Association employes 12 permanent employees, 4 temporary employees and 12 professionals who collaborate steadily (graphic, social managing, …)

Gli Scarti is recognized and supported by Italian Ministry of Cultural heritage, among other public supporters.

Management of theatre and theatrical places: artistic direction and technical management

Teatro degli Impavidi – Sarzana

Since January 2019 the Municipality of Sarzana entrusted the management of the historical Teatro degli Impavidi to Gli Scarti (by a public call).

The association deals with the artistic direction, programming the theatrical season with shows of prose, dance and music concert, and the administrative and technical management of the premises

Teatro degli Impavidi (founded in 1809) is one of the most ancient theatre in Liguria, a typical “teatro all’italiana”, perfectly conserved thanks to the last renovation and it hosts 381 seats.

Il D!alma – centro creativo urbano La Spezia

This space has hosted  Fuori Luogo theatrical season since 9 years.

From 2011 to 2017 the Municipality of La Spezial has confirmed to Scarti the permanent artistic residency and from July 2019, by an open call, Gli Scarti has be entrusted with the management of the premises, along with other associations.

Teatro Astoria Lerici

Since 2017 Association Scarti was entrusted of management of technical global services of the theatre.

Theatre productions

At the moment, Association Gli Scarti is producing 6 theatrical companies, 4 in contemporary theatre and 2 in theatre for childhood.

All the companies has been touring for all the national territory and in the most important theatrical festivals

Prizes and recognitions

Ubu Prize for 5 actors (Claudia Marsicano, Claudio Morganti, Danio Manfredini, Federica Santoro, Elena Bucci); Prize Scenario Infanzia 2014 and Prize DallOrso for theatre 2015 for the show La Stanza dei giochi; special mention to Prize Scenario per Ustica e Jury prize Scenario 2017 Santarcangelo Festival for the show Faustbuch; selected for Prize ConfrontiCreativi 2014 (RM), selected for Magnifico Teatro 2014 (BN), Prize Borsa Pancirolli 2014 (MI), Prize Festival Young Station 2014 (PO), Prize OFFerta Creativa 2014 (BO) for the show Socialmente; Prize In-Box 2015 e Prize Direction Under30,Teatro Sociale Gualtieri with the show Amleto FX; Prize Rete Critica 2012, nomination for Prize Ubu as “Best new italian reality” and Prize Nico Garrone 2013 for the project  “ALDO MORTO 54” with show Aldo Morto; finalist at “Prize Scenario” 2005,  “Prize Vertigine” 2010 Selezione “Face à face -paroles d’Italie pour les scènes de France” 2011 with the  show Dux in scatola; Prize TrenO 2017 e Prize Tagad’O 2016 special mention for best acting and best dramamturgy, Bologna for the show Mondocane; nomination at Prize Ubu 2017 for Fuori Luogo La Spezia as Best Italian Special Project  2017.

Festivals and theatres

Little Europa (2016) Tramedautore Festival at Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Ibsen Festival at Teatro Nazionale di Oslo
Gli Sposi/Heretico/Frier Klang/lI Custode (2017-2018)  Inequilibrio Festival Armunia Vieni su Marte (2018)  Romaeuropa Festival, Roma,  Festival delle Colline Torinesi, Torino, Expo di Milano Padiglione dei Teatri
Heretico (2017) Fabbrica Europa Festival, Firenze,  Kilowatt Festival, Arezzo,
Luciano (2017) Terni Festival internazionale di arti performative, Vie Festival Modena, Asti Teatro Festival
Acqua di Colonia (2018)  Festival Città delle 100 scale, Potenza, Festival delle Colline Torinesi, Torino
Socialmente e Tropicana (2017 e 2018) Bmotion Operaestate Festival, Bassano, Teatro Franco Parenti, Milano, Teatri di Vetro, Roma, Primavera dei Teatri Festival, Castrovillari
L’ultimo Caligola (2016) Intransito Festival Genova

Organization of festival and events

Fuori Luogo Festival/theatrical season (La Spezia)

The association has been organizing Fuori Luogo in La Spezia since 2011 and it has now reached its 9th edition. The festival has since its beginning hosted all the important companies of the contemporary scenes and has always have a particular attention to increase and involving the audience (by organizing meeting with the artists,…)
Since 2018-2019 Fuori Luogo spreaded out, involving the nearby territories (Lerici, Sarzana and Santo Stefano Magra).

Fisiko! International festival of dance-theatre

in collaboration with dance company  Balletto Civile. During 3 days it hosts national and international dance companies, with many shows per day.In 2019  the 4th edition has taken place at Ex Ceramica Vaccari.

Fuori Luogo Kids festival of theatre for childhood

In 2019 reached its 4th edition: it proposes 4-5 shows per season dedicated to kids from 4 to 13 years old (kindergarten and primary school).

Theatrical classes and workshops for non professionals and professionals

Gli Scarti organizes courses for adults and students both professionals and non professionals, held weekly at Il D!alma- centro creativo urbano

During the last 8 years the association has developed many projects of theatre for particular categories, with weekly appointments thorughout the year, such as:

people with different abilities –  during the last 8 years it has carried on projects of theatre during all the year (often in collaboration with other association, such as Isforcoop Liguria,… ) detained people –  in 2018 has started the project Per Aspera ad Astra for theatre in jail.

It involves both theatrical and technical training for detained people, supported by ACRI (association of bank foundations) held in 30 different cities in Italy high school students – different workshops in high schools of the territory (La Special, Bagnone, Villafranca e Pontremoli) during all the year .