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Exhibition ‘Nesvrstani (Non-aligned)

17–20 June 2021

Nesvrstani (Non-aligned)

Slovenian Artists in Zagreb

Art and Nature

📍 Lauba – House for People and Art, Zagreb

As part of the European project RESCUE – Creative Regeneration of Disused Industrial Sites in Europe, at the Boutique Art Fair Nesvrstani / Non – Aligned which takes place from 17 until 20 June 2021 in Lauba – House for People and Art in Zagreb, Metka Kavčič, Marko Jakše, Matej Čepin, Enej Gala, Stojan Grauf and Joni Zakonjšek will present their works.

Art is nature. Thoughts, images, sayings, sentences, drawings, plans… Property of us and understanding, consideration, respect is established as an artistic multilog of pronouns and reflections, side views, openings above and below, tests, trials, and generalizations to seek, let alone find that SOMETHING. Naturally artistic. Directly, with or without curves; gradually and consistently. Being either an epic, a drawing a painting, and a sculpture.

Our nature is editing, putting in place, depicting, performing, acting, but let it be with awareness and consciousness. It can continue and stop in an instant. And it goes on in conversations, demonstrations, presentations, discussions, and reflections that speak Art and think Nature. Onomatopoeia, metaphor, mimetics are getting to know each other as the reality of the given. The environments in which we live are not only realistic interiors but also imaginations of reality.

Oils on canvases, watercolors, bronze, thoughts on works that sunbathe and hide, that tell and ask, answer and fulfill, set. Consist of. They compose Art and themselves, come out and liberate, discover and reveal. They depict the world, summarize, document, archive, remember, accept. The way we are. Even in our mirrors, the simultaneous reflections of the being within us. The journey inward is a search. Browsing. Awareness. Notifying. Reflection. Nature, art, and us. We are here. Is it-Will it be?


RESCUE is a small-scale cooperation project co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. Partners from Italy, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia are researching the history of (disused) industrial areas to turn them into sustainably oriented spaces for cultural activities and art.

The X-OP the Association for Contemporary Art, a partner in the RESCUE project, also derives from good practices in the renovation of industrial heritage, including Laub in Zagreb in addition to the Maribor PORTAL.

Project is co-financed by Ministry of Public Administration of Republic
of Slovenia

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