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Big Concert Night RESCUE – post-industrial dynamics

10 September 2021

Big Concert Night

RESCUE – post-industrial dynamics

Rupert Huber (AT), Zahra Mani (AT/PK/UK), Balázs Pándi (HU), Mia Zabelka (AT), Gavino Canu (IT)

RESCUE – regeneration of disused industrial sites through creativity in Europe is a cooperation project co-financed by the EU with partners from Italy, Slovenia, Germany and Austria. RESCUE – post-industrial dynamics by Rupert Huber, Zahra Mani, Balázs Pándi and Mia Zabelka is a premiere in the context of Rescue at Ars Electronica. The live performance is a musical expression of possible future perspectives for a post-industrial world. These future visions are ambivalent, hopeful and gloomy at the same time. New post-pandemic concepts of work, labour and survival clash with dystopian imaginings, spatial fragmentations, forced distancing. RESCUE/em> gives voice to the unspeakable in the first collaborative sonic exchange between Huber, Mani, Pándi and Zabelka. Visuals by Italian artist Gavino Canu enhance the live performance. The piece will be broadcast on OE1 Radiokunst-Kunstradio on September 12, 2021, at 23:03 CET. In the ensuing days, Zahra Mani will create a sound installation out of the multi-channel recording for the Vaccari Factory in Santo Stefano di Magra, Liguria in the context of RESCUE.

Rupert Huber: Rupert Huber, composer, music artist and musician is based in Vienna, Austria and works internationally. Music by Rupert Huber is organized structures, sounds and tones for multiple known and unknown real and electronic spaces. His music integrates the sonification of given data such as airport soundscapes and includes telematic performances, events and concerts as well as combined live/radio/webprojects.
Balazs Pandi: Balazs Pandi is a drummer based in Budapest. His work, in various international collaborations ranging from Merzbow to Mats Gustafsson and Thurston Morre, spans hardcore thrash metal, avant jazz, noise, electronics and more.
Zahra Mani: Zahra Mani is a musician and composer. Her work focuses on spaces between. Crossing boundaries, challenging preconceptions in a flux of sound, Mani creates shifting, pulsing, explosive, whispering, murmuring, screaming, cajoling and caressing sonic worlds. She transforms fragments of natural and mechanical audio material into dynamic acoustic monuments where voices, instruments, machines, sea and wind, sound instrumental and her bass guitar sounds like raindrops, engines and monsoon winds.
Mia Zabelka: Austrian violinist, vocalist and composer Mia Zabelka is at the forefront of international electro-acoustic performance art. She developed her unique musical language in a process she calls “automatic playing,” where the music grows out of her body and gestures and finds its expression in her electric violin with electronic devices, alien objects, vocals, and acoustic violin. The violin itself becomes an interface, an electronic sound generator and thus a sound machine.
Gavino Canu: Gavino Canu is a video and visual artist from Sardinia. His work focuses on portraits of the social changes of places.


RESCUE is co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. In collaboration with Klanghaus Untergreith. With the kind support of the BMKOES and Land Steiermark Kultur. In collaboration with ORF OE1 Radiokunst-Kunstradio.

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