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ibug on tour at Santo Stefano di Magra / REW 2021

The transnational artistic REW week took place with an interplay of international artists – a shared cultural experimentation and exchange. Visitors had access throughout the creative week to see the creation of installations, paintings, films and performances.

On 16 September, the transnational conference “Pray and Labor: Frameworks, Stories and Practices of Disused Sites” took place. The aim was to discuss action programmes, European best practices, funding and experiences in revitalising brownfield sites in Europe.

There were also three days of workshops for children.

On 17 and 18 September, the CANTIERI CREATIVI festival invited artists from different generations and cultures to engage in a wide-ranging dialogue in the fields of architecture, business, theatre, music and visual arts, and to present the resulting works. On Saturday, the artists themselves led a guided tour through the wasteland.

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